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Welcome to our website!

ISOGENERAL Kft. has more than 20 years of experience in the field of sealing, thermal insulation, and roof construction.

Our services, such as insulation of new and old buildings, bridges, and flyovers of clearways; renovation of new and old buildings; construction of roof structures; and providing maintenance work are carried out with the highest level of competency.

As a customer-oriented enterprise, we aim to accommodate the needs of the domestic and foreign market. In addition, we provide full-scale, professional, and custom-tailored solutions for our residential, business and institutional clients.

For this reason, our integrated management system (ISO 9001, CRM) is designed to meet the requirements of all the interested parties, the legal and other kind of domestic regulations. The application of the system ensures the achievement of our goals, the success of our business, and further development opportunities.

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