Green roof


Besides their aesthetic value, green roofs offer several options of usage and application in addition to their expenditure-reducing role. They protect the insulation from extreme weather, temperature, mechanical effects nearly doubling its service life.

Green roof eases the drainage system of a significant burden. Depending on its type, it is capable of storing 40-95% of the yearly rainfall and evaporating it again. It has an important role in the air conditioning and cooling of the building, in humidifying the air, in producing oxygen, and it absorbs airborne fine dust.

According to its construction, it has two main types; extensive and intensive.
Extensive green roofs are planted with hardier plants, succulents. In the case of an intensive green roof, the roof functions practically in the same way as a garden located on the ground .

Our company undertakes construction of complete green roofs with meeting the most unique needs offered by the technology.

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