Roof cladding works

The roof structure is one of a building's most important and architectually most peculiar forming elements. Besides its function of covering the building and protecting against rainwater, it has an aesthetic value as well. During the construction, all of these aspects are taken into consideration. Should it be timber-work, tiling, or nodal forming, the task is carried out with the highest level of competency.

In addition, we undertake renovation in the case of deteriorated roofs. The deteriorated condition is not only aesthetically objectionable, but can also lead to serious health deterioration. The roof's inappropriate insulation causes permanent leaks, which results in the moulding and deterioration of the wall.

In the course of our renovation works, following a thorough survey, the insulation function of the roof is restored to 100% and tasks that involve other aesthetic aspects are also carried out.

Our company undertakes high-level, full-scale construction of cladding, covering, and nodal forming of complete roofs, renovation of roof structures, and, depending on the demands, it provides design or suggests structure solutions.

For completed works, please check our references