Over the past years, we executed insulation works of several new and old buildings, bridges and flyovers of clearways, and roof constructions, renovation and maintainance works of new and old buildings.

Our clientele is wide-ranging; besides private individuals, we have significant private and state-owned companies among our customers throughout the country.

Our main working area is primarily Hungary, however, we have references abroad, mainly in Poland, Ukraine, Austria and Slovakia, as well.

With our regular clients, such as Hídtechnika Zrt, Magyar Építő Zrt., and Strabag MML Kft., we have carried out several large-scale projects, which got the Award for Excellence, such as the viaduct in Zalalövő (2000) or the Csányi Winery in Villány (2002). We are proud to have the wold-famous Matthias Church among our references, as the complete reconstruction of its roof srtucture was carried out by us.

Kodály Centre Pécs 4200 m2

Bitumen plate cladding and insulation


Reconstruction of the Matthias Church Budai Vár 2.800 m2

Timber-, sheet metal, roof cladding and insulation works


Schossberger Castle, clock tower Tura  

Timber-, sheet metal, roof cladding and decorative sheet metal works


Schossberger Castle, Palm House Tura  

Timber-, sheet metal, roof cladding and decorative sheet metal works


Acsa-újlak Castle Acsa újlak 2400 m2

Frontal reconstruction, posterior insulation of the cellar, roof cladding and sheet metal repairs


Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, building 25 Pécs 2800 m2

Construction of timber-work and sheet metal structures, bitumen and posterior insulation


MKB Bank, Office block Budapest 2.000 m2

Insulation against rainwater and power water, titanium zinc sheet cladding and related timber-works


KÖKI Terminal Budapest 6800 m2

Titanium zinc metal sheet cladding, PVC insulation against rainwater, thermal insulation


Ferihegy-1 Airport Terminal Budapest 4500 m2

Complete sheet metal works of historical and new parts of the building


National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation Budakeszi 2.000 m2

Insulation of roof cladding, timber-work and substructure against groundwater pressure, insulation of roofs with straight and reverse layer sequence


Csillagpont Hospital in Miskolc Miskolc 5500 m2

Insulation of roof with reverse layer sequence by bitumen plate and construction of green roof


Viaduct in Zalalövő (Award of Excellence) Zalalövő 9000 m2

Bitumen plate insulation


Graphit Pencil printing house Budapest 6.800 m2

Plate (bitumen plate) insulation againts rainwater, complete construction of custom-made steel skylights