During the construction of the built environment's facilities, building up protection against groundwater and rainwater is of particular importance and requires close attention.
With creating an appropriate system of sealing and drainage, proper protection can be developed against surface water (rainwater), subsurface water (groundwater) and domestic water.


We can protect the part of the building exposed to moisture against all of these effects by applying sealing and draining the water from the structure. These two methods are efficient together, thus, the design and construction of the chosen sealing and drainage technology have to be aligned.


In most cases, we apply insulation plates (bitumen plate, PVC plastic plate). For solving the sealing tasks of more complex, extreme shapes or locations (cupolas, multiple fractures, etc.), we apply spread or sprayed insulation.

Our company undertakes design and construction of full-scale sealing of buildings, basements, bridges, roofs, monuments, etc.

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